As the owner and trainer at Sarah Lowell Dog Training, I work with families who have just gotten, or will soon get, a new puppy. They may struggle with getting their puppy to behave in the most important ways like coming when called, going potty only outside, loving the crate, and following basic commands reliably.

By working with me these families will get puppies who promptly obey commands and who are confident, happy and well behaved. In addition I continue to work with owners and dogs to maintain these skills, and I teach the owner about life-long dog parenting skills and healthy dog nutrition.

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Sarah Lowell Dog Training – Agility Champions

I started my dog training career in Agility.  Over the 10 years that I ran my school, I saw time after time how frustrated my students were because their dogs didn’t have basic obedience skills.  It’s hard to be successful at Agility, which is an off-leash sport, if your dog runs off and won’t come back when you call!  

Inspired by my experience, I now focus my training on puppies, to give them a solid foundation in obedience. Having that training, they will be great family companions, and also prepared for advanced training, such as agility, rally, nose work, dock diving or therapy work.

My two dogs, Schatze and Indy, earned numerous performance titles in Agility and Obedience, including several championships and advanced titles.  Their success was founded on the solid obedience skills that I will teach your pup.


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