Private lessons are held in your home, typically once a week for about an hour. You’ll have the convenience of staying at home for the training and not having to load up the car to travel to a training class.  Since we’ll be working one-on-one with your puppy, you’ll appreciate how quickly your puppy will learn the skills and commands that you feel are the most important. Best for puppies 8-16 weeks, but beneficial for all puppies. 

Polite Puppy Program – 3 lessons. Your new puppy will get off to the right start to a happy and confident life.  You’ll be able to enjoy your puppy around the house and yard because he will promptly respond to your commands.  He’ll learn 4 basic skills:

Puppy Training Arlington TX Yorkie Puppy Training

Yorkie crate training

  •  Sit
  • Come
  • Leave it
  • Sit to come in or go out

Includes 3 lessons in your home and resources on potty training and socialization and 1 month of email support.

Exceptional Puppy Program – 6 lessons.  Your puppy will be a joy to take with you on outings because he’ll be well behaved when you take him on walks, to the vet or other places.  He’ll learn 7 important skills and behaviors:

  • Sit and Down
  • Come, Go to your Mat or Place, and Leave it
  • Walk nicely on leash and sit politely to greet people

Includes 6 private lessons in your home, written instructions on the skills and commands, and resources on socialization, potty training, and crate training with demo.  Also includes 6 months of unlimited email support.

Here’s what client Varsha had to say about her experience with a private lesson program.  



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