Your satisfaction with your puppy’s behavior is my #1 priority and by specializing in puppy training, I am able to give you that.  I want you to enjoy life with your puppy and the dog he will become. Training your puppy with me, a seasoned trainer with over 20 years’ experience, will help you have that puppy that you can be proud of, and that will be the envy of your friends and family. My gentle, positive, and proven training methods will ensure that your puppy is happy and confident too.

Puppy Training, Arlington, TX Sarah Lowell Dog Training

Tucker practicing his Sit

Hands on  Private lessons are held once a week in the convenience of your home.  I’ll show your puppy how to behave as described in the program, and then you’ll take over the training by practicing at home in between lessons. Your puppy will make rapid progress by working with you at home where he is comfortable. If you want to participate in all aspects of your puppy’s training, please check out my Private Lessons page.

Hands off  If you have a busy work or travel schedule, I offer the convenience of training your puppy in my home.  During his stay your pup will receive lots of one-on-one attention in a family environment, exercise, play and training. We’ll practice several times every day, so by the time your puppy comes home to you, and you’ve had your private lessons, he’ll be able to follow your commands promptly.  Check out my Board and Train page for more information.

No matter which type of program you choose, you’ll benefit from my expertise in training your puppy so that he’ll be the puppy that you’ve always dreamed of.  You’ll be able to take him places because you know that he’ll behave, and you’ll enjoy having friends and family over without worrying that he’ll jump up on them.

Still not sure what’s right for you?

Contact Me  today and we’ll discuss which training option will best suit your needs.