Are you tired of constantly having to clean up your puppy’s accidents?

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Stacey and Auggie

Are you mad because your puppy chewed up your favorite slippers, or nips at your hands or ankles?

Wouldn’t you love to have your puppy come when you call, the first time you call?
Wouldn’t it be great if your puppy went into his crate promptly and willingly, and not cried endlessly when in there?
Do you keep shouting “NO!” without getting results?

I’ve worked with many, many families with puppies just like yours, and have brought them happiness and enjoyment in their puppy by successfully solving these problems.  I get what you’re going through and I’ve got the solutions.  


  • how it would feel being able to have guests over without being embarrassed about your puppy jumping up on them or nipping at their hands
  • enjoying an accident free and clean house
  • how relieved you’d feel having your puppy come when you call, the first time you call

This could be you!  Won’t your friends and family be impressed?   With just a few lessons, in your home or mine, your puppy will be well on its way to becoming the puppy of your dreams:  happy, confident and OBEDIENT!  Your puppy will come when you call, the first time.  Your puppy will potty outside and only outside.  Your puppy will politely greet guests, and more!

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Tobin walking nicely on leash

Raising a puppy can be fun, but it is also a challenge. The foundation you establish now, whether it is good behavior or bad, will have a huge influence on the dog your puppy grows up to be. Get the peace of mind that you’ll enjoy for years to come by enrolling your puppy in one of my puppy programs.

 Call today at (469) 708-7538 to tell me about your puppy, and find out which program best meets your needs.  Or, go to my Services page to learn more about my programs.

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